Bike maintenance and service - The enterprise ABC Grupa is dealing not only with bicycle rent and trade, but also with bike maintenance, bike service and repair. Knowledgeable employees of the enterprise ensure full range of bike repair services, as well as perform annual basic bike maintenance and monthly maintenance of bicycles. You are welcomed to visit our workshop where knowledgeable, smiling and responsive bicycle masters will welcome you, as well as will professionally evaluate the condition of your bicycle and suggest recommended and optimal activities so that your bicycle could work properly.
   So that the bicycle would be capable to fulfill its basic task – moving from one point to another – it is necessary to carry out timely and proper bike maintenance. Many bicyclists often forget about the necessity of this function. Regular bike service and maintenance shall be carried out for any mechanism also for bicycle. Great attention shall be devoted and regular maintenance shall be carried out to such bicycle items as brakes, tires, handlebar, chain, frame, fork and levers not rarer than once a month. All moving parts shall be cleaned and lubricated on a regular basis. The more the bicycle is used, the more frequently the maintenance is necessary. 

   The price for standard bike maintenance service offered by our enterprise is as follows: Bike service

   Basic bike maintenance. 

   Price for maintenance is EUR 25.00.

   Within the frameworks of the maintenance procedure examination, adjustment and lubrication of all moving parts of the bicycle are performed. Brake system is examined and adjusted. Shift levers are examined and adjusted. Performance of other works harmonized with the client. It is suggested to perform the previously mentioned maintenance procedures once a month (depending on the bicycle usage intensity).

   Full bike maintenance service. 

   Price for maintenance is EUR 40.00

   Within the frameworks of the maintenance procedure examination, disassembling, cleaning, lubrication and adjustment of the entire bicycle is performed. The previously mentioned bike maintenance service procedure shall be performed once a year (preferably in the beginning of bicycle season). 

   The price can change depending on the technical state of the bicycle. The price for all nonstandard service works shall be stated after mutual agreement.
    Information for clients – our workshop accepts only clean bicycles (the price for bicycle washing is EUR 5.00).



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